Confirmed keynote speakers:

  • Janet Alsup (Purdue University College of Education, USA) Abstract
  • Katherine Bode (Australian National University, Australia) Abstract
  • Tomas Eklund (Uppsala University, Sweden) Abstract
  • Brigitte Ouvry-Vial (Le Mans Université, France) Abstract

Additional guest speakers:

  • Satu Grünthal (University of Helsinki, Finland) Abstract
  • J. Tuomas Harviainen (Tampere University, Finland) Abstract
  • Ilkka Mäkinen (Tampere University, Finland) Abstract
  • Tuija Saresma (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) Abstract

alsupJanet Alsup

Janet Alsup is a Professor of Literacy and Language Education at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, and Head of the Curriculum and Instruction Department in the College of Education. Professor Alsup’s research centers on teacher professional identity development, secondary literacy pedagogies, narrative and teacher research, and adolescent literature and identity formation. She has published five books, including Teacher Identity Discourses: Negotiating Personal and Professional Spaces (Routledge, 2006) and A Case for Teaching Literature in the Secondary School: Why Reading Fiction Matters in an Age of Scientific Objectivity and Standardization (Routledge, 2015). Professor Alsup’s sixth book is currently in press, a second edition of Teacher Identity Discourses titled Millennial Teacher Identity Discourses: Balancing Self and Other. It will appear in February, 2019.

bodeKatherine Bode

Katherine Bode is Associate Professor of Literary and Textual Studies at the Australian National University and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow from 2018 to 2022. Her research focuses on using large-scale datasets and digital methods to explore existing, and offer new, perspectives on Australian literature and literature in Australia. She has published widely on Australian and digital literary history, including as the author or editor of a number of books: Resourceful Reading: The New Empiricism, eResearch and Australian Literary Culture (2009), Reading by Numbers: Recalibrating the Literary Field (2012), Advancing Digital Humanities: Research, Methods, Theories (2014), and most recently, A World of Fiction: Digital Collections and the Future of Literary History (2018). From 2018 to 2022 she will be funded by an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship for a project entitled ”Reading at the Interface: Literatures, Cultures, Technologies.” The project aims to use new, extensive digital evidence of reception to progress a central insight of cultural criticism: that meaning is not carried by texts but produced in interactions between texts, contexts, and readers.

img_20140923_105612Tomas Eklund

Tomas Eklund is a Senior Lecturer in information systems at the Department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University (Sweden). His research interests in general center around business intelligence and analytics, and he has published articles mainly in the area of data and text mining for financial benchmarking and performance analysis, customer portfolio analysis and segmentation, and customer feedback analysis.

b.-ouvry-vial-3Brigitte Ouvry-Vial

Brigitte Ouvry-Vial is Professor of Literature and Information & Communication Sciences at Le Mans University (France), a senior member of Institut Universitaire de France and the coordinator  of the Institut des Sciences Humaines et Sociales –Le Mans Université with a focus on interdisciplinary programs & Digital Humanities. Within the research team 3LAM (EA 4335) her research consists broadly in an anthropological and e-searching approach of XXth-XXIst C. literary publishing and reading practices (in print as well as digital) in Europe. Among other works, she has co-authored L’Acte editorial: Publier à la Renaissance et aujourd’hui, with A. Reach-Ngo (Garnier, 2010) and supervised the section ”Editrices et femmes du livre”, (140 entries), in Dictionnaire universel des femmes créatrices de l’Antiquité à nos jours (3 volumes), B. Didier, M. Callet-Gruber, A. Fouques, eds., (Des Femmes, 2013) and recently started to examine the notion of reading as a Commons. She is the Project leader of READ-IT (Reading Europe Advanced Data Investigation Tool, 2018-2021), an ICT driven project funded by the EU Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage-H2020

satu-grucc88nthal-2019Satu Grünthal

Satu Grünthal, Adjunct Professor in Finnish Literature at the Universities of Helsinki and Turku, is University Lecturer in Finnish Language and Literature Education at the University of Helsinki. Most of her research centers on literature pedagogy, reading motivation, literary history and poetry, and digital reading is one of her new research interests. She is currently involved in the research project Lukuklaani (Reading Clan), which focuses on reading, literature education and school libraries in Finnish schools on grades 1–9. In addition to academic research, Grünthal has co-authored text books and teaching materials in Finland and Estonia, and she holds many positions of trust in the academic and educational field.

harviainen_dmir_3J. Tuomas Harviainen

J. Tuomas Harviainen works as Professor of Information Studies at Tampere University, Finland, and as a freelance service design consultant. In addition to his academic side, he has 10 years of work experience from academic libraries, and another 12 from public ones.

ilkka_mäkinen_kuvacisIlkka Mäkinen

Ilkka Mäkinen was until 2016 Lecturer of Information Studies at the University of Tampere, now retired, but continues his reading activities. He has published articles and books on history of reading and libraries, e.g., a doctoral dissertation (1997), “Finnish public libraries in the 20th century” (2001), and a history of the Finnish public libraries (2009).

tuijas_170618_Tuija Saresma

Tuija Saresma, Adjunct Professor of Cultural Studies and Gender Studies, is senior researcher at the Research Centre for Contemporary Culture, Department of Music, Art and Culture Research, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. She has published widely on autobiographicality, intersectionality, populism, hate speech and social media as well as performativity of reading and writing. She is the principal investigator of two multidisciplinary research projects, Arts of Belonging – Affectivity and Materiality of Homing (Kone Foundation) and Migrant Tales – Performances of Belonging and Displacement, a sub project of the Academy of Finland consortium Crossing Borders: Artistic Practices in Performing and Narrating Belonging.

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