The conference is organised by Consortium Libdat, the How to read? -project and the Department of Finnish Literature in the University of Turku.


Project LibDat explores contemporary Finnish loaning and reading culture and its information service systems to the end that this project’s results would help the officials to elaborate upon Finnish public library services. The project’s research team consists of literary sociologists and literary scientists (University of Eastern Finland), experts of technology (The Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd) and scholars of computational science (Åbo Akademi University).


The research project “How to Read? Forms of Reading in Teaching Literature in the Upper Secondary School” explores new ways of reading and teaching literature in class rooms in order to make fiction reading more tempting to adolescents. The project is financed by Koneen Säätiö (Kone Foundation) for the years 2018–2020. Its researchers are from the University of Turku.

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